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Cosmology and astronomy is “hot”.


The last 4 years, tree Nobel prizes fot physics were attribuated about new discoveries in this fascinating scientific field of our wonderfull universe!


Quantum physics, general relativity and cosmology are the most fascinating and exciting branches of science, and it's all about the new physics, the knowledge of the infinitely small Planck scale to infinitely large astronomical dimensions: from Planck's energy quanta and quarks to black holes. and the Hawking radiation, Q bits, string theory, quantum dots, quantum cryptography, teletransport, dark matter and black energy, and quantum gravity. The Einstein-Newton model, the Einstein-Friedman model and the Einstein-de Sitter universe are explained, also the redshift, distance ladders and the big bang ... until we get to the beginning of the speculation and religion.


These two encyclopedic books of 650 pages each give you a complete overview of the fundamentals with Planck, Einstein, Schrödinger, Bohr, Feynman, Dirac and as many other geniuses as Friedman and de Sitter, by today's standard of physics, desperate for quantum gravity, the missing link in the "theory of everything" puzzle! Tens of thousands of scientists around the world are constantly exploring this domain through trial and error.   

Quantum Fysica@Home

Everything about quantum physics and its applications in medicine and in our daily life.

Book:           € 85 / book (incl. VAT)

Ebook (*):    € 45 / ebook (incl VAT)

(*) secure individual pdf version

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An evolutionary view of the cosmos of tomorrow.

Book:           € 69 / book (incl VAT)

Ebook (*):    € 55 / ebook (incl VAT)


(*) secure individual pdf version

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