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IMACON nv is a company which offers consultancy, research and services in reorganisation, data processing and industrial marketing and strategy.

BOARDMEMBER for strategy and development
IMACON is involved in the following activities :

1. Industrial marketing and development

2. Company reorganization

3. Industrial strategy : assistance to medium-sized concerns

3.1. General business diagnosis

3.2. Investment project feasibility studies

3.3. MSC (Medium Sized Companies) development plans

3.4. Assistance

4. International consultant for merging & acquisitions



Quantitative and qualitative analysis of demand. Studies on products, studies on distribution, surveys of sectors : trends in demand, technological trends, trends in production and distribution structures. Diversification studies, definition of a product strategy and product development, design of marketing plans.



General diagnosis and evaluation of companies, implementation of financial recovery schemes, improvement of industrial productivity, value analysis, planning, co-ordinating and piloting large projects, design and implementation of human resources development policies (problems of company structure, job evaluation, selection, training, remunerations), studies of administrative and financial procedures (in particular : design and implementation of management control systems, inventory control, purchasing).


Assistance to medium-sized concerns

IMACON is able to take different types of actions in the field of industrial strategy for Medium Sized Concerns (MSC).

3.1. General business diagnosis

There are grounds for a general diagnosis in all cases where a clear, overall and objective view of a company is required. It may be a question of a company in difficulty, in which case the diagnosis is a necessary pre-condition for developing a rehabilitation plan ; or it may be a sound company in search of new developments with the management eager to ascertain the company's strong and weak points in order to improve its position within the market and to see how it stands in relation to competitors ; or again, it may be a company seeking merger or participation agreements requiring information on all aspects of the company. The methodology involves rapidly locating the strong and weak points and proposing assistance to the companies in drawing up a plan of action.
IMACON's intervention is structured as follows :

  • A general analysis of the present situation (articles of association, past history, activities, products, markets, production plant, organisation, human resources, the marketing function) ;

  • An analysis of the financial situation (balance sheet and result accounts) ;
    Prospects in the present and future market context, possible development schemes and their impact, forecast balance sheets and results ;

  • Conclusions and action plan proposals.


3.2. Investment project feasibility studies

This is an in-depth study of a project comprised of the following three phases :

  • An analysis of existing and future supply and demand for any product or group of products (or services) ;

  • A technical analysis which, on the basis of requirements specified in the market survey, determines the production programme, the plant and industrial infrastructure required, location and investment costs ;

  • An economic analysis showing the future cost-effectiveness of the project as well as assistance in seeking possible partners and in funding.


3.3. MSC development plans

A MSC (Medium Sized Company) development programme can be produced either for a specific region or for a particular industrial sector. The specification for such a programme requires the following investigations :

  • A study of present and future needs of the populations concerned ;

  • For regional surveys, an analysis of the socio-economic environment ;

  • An inventory of existing enterprises (the sector or the region) and progressreports in order to to determine the requirements for such units and the subcontracting activities which the MSC's could undertake ;

  • An analysis of present and future competition ;

  • An analysis of existing or planned infrastructure (transport network, water supply, electricity, etc. ...) ;

  • An analysis of the economic and technical choice criteria peculiar to one region or sector (reducing imports, increasing employment, developing exports, etc....) ;

  • An examination of available production factors (qualified labour, raw materials,...).

Once the programme has been drawn up, it is a matter of locating these companies, and establishing their size so as to meet the requirements highlighted by the studies.

3.4. Assistance to promotional bodies

Such assistance may be given at various levels and involves several aspects :

  • Setting up, organising and operating MSC promotion bodies in close conjunction with banks and public authorities

  • Seeking and evaluating projects, seeking contractors and helping to prepare studies and to present files to banks

  • Funding plan and possible search for joint ventures

  • Assisting company start-ups and management.




As Europe consolidates and integrates into a powerful union, its sound, middle- sized companies need to grow into larger units to ensure themselves a more profitable future.

As international consultant, IMACON nv is part of a coalition of several partners dedicated to enhance good relations between European companies wishing to grow in the new environment.

IMACON nv is committed to the goal of providing reliable contacts between Belgian family businesses and European groups. Positioned in the heart of the new economy, our office has important contacts which create a wide range of possibilities for you and the future of your company.

We assist our customers in all stages of the process of selling or merging their companies : eg

  • analysis of the company that might be for sale

  • analysis of the market and preparation of a report

  • identification by us or our partners of possible purchasers

  • evaluation of the main possible purchasers

  • initial confidential contacts with the decision takers

  • preparations for and holding of confidential negociations

  • professional advice in negociating and completing agreements

  • payment of the price and

  • integration of the company into the group.

1. Industrial marketing
3. Industrial strategy
2. Company reorganization
4. International consultant
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